WIN Clean Energy Incentive Funding

We drive electric vehicle sales for OEMs and Dealer Groups by securing incentive funding nationwide for their fleet customers.

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With over 1 billion in available funding nationwide and most sellers seeing over 80% of their deals attached to some kind of significant funding ($25,000+/per vehicle), we emphasize to our OEM and Dealer partners that you are selling these government programs as much as you are selling your products.We can support our clients in (4) main areas, these include identifying key funding programs, certification during the Vendor Approval process, live co-selling support and the submission, management and redemption of awards.

Electric Vehicle Leasing

Available only in California, business can now access medium-duty electric vehicles under 3-36 month agreements. Utilizing our leasing services, fleets can get started today with no-upfront costs and pricing comparable to a standard fuel vehicle. We support a wide range of OEM products that fit most use cases. Chat to us today to learn more.


Most funding is located across 10 key regions in the US. We see OEMs focusing nearly all of their resources in these pockets, as average incentive funding can reduce vehicle MSRP by 50-90%, with many small businesses winning over 1 million in direct cash subsides to transition to EVs.We can help you target a few easy wins for your sales team. Hint: Approved Vendor lists are great lead channels.

Utility Funding for EV Charging and Solar

The best EV Charging and Solar sellers chase state and local incentives for their products. The most aggressive funding is located in blue states, but knowing where to target from a sales standpoint across zip codes and even specific streets can help you sell easier, by showing payback periods to buyers of less than 36 moths on many charging and solar projects.We can support: Multi-Family Housing, Fleets, Workplace, Hospitality, Education, Municipalities, Hospitals and Clinics and Parking Lots Owners

Get Feedback in 30 Minutes

Our team can share some recommendations on your incentive framework and evaluate if our services would be a good fit for your sales goals and business.

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